What causes the QuickBooks banking error 185?

As a QuickBooks 2020 user, you may notice the QuickBooks banking error 185 very often. Banking error code 185 appears when there is a communication problem between your bank and QuickBooks 2020. Mainly, due to the Security Questions or One-time password. In other words, we can say that your financial institutions need more information. About your accounts after you submit your login credentials.

Learn to fix the QuickBooks banking error 185!

Answering the Security questions and updating it to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online can do the work for you by submitting the answers to your security questions. For this to work, simply answer your security answer when you receive the banking error 185 and update it. Updating it will let the QuickBooks Online submit the credentials automatically. Whenever you try to login through the QuickBooks software. If you face the error again after updating the details than most probably you have set more than one security question. In that case, you can answer all the security questions that you have set up and update it. This will help you to fix the Quickbooks error 185.

Submitting a One-Time Password to access your bank account.

QuickBooks banking error 185 due to the OTP issue is more for your account protection than a problem. As we all know that one should take all the measures to secure your financial details. Setting up an OTP for accessing the account is another good thing in a 2-step verification. This helps to prevent any unauthorized login to your bank account. So, if you receive the error due to the OTP verification! You need to put the OTP every time you log in and you are good to go. In this way, you will come to notice that the that the banking error 185 is a type of your account protection rather than a problem.