QuickBooks error code 187

QuickBooks error code 187 is a bank related problem.  You encounter this error when you try to download the transaction report of your account. This happened because of incorrect credentials.  When you try to login again and again with the wrong username and password. We all know that QuickBooks is the best accounting software, but QuickBooks requires the permission of your banks to do any activity with your account. For this, you have to enter the correct credit of your bank in QuickBooks. 

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 187!

  • Maybe you changed the credentials of your bank.
  • There is a high chance that the bank has blocked your account for third-party accounting software.
  • Perhaps you have corrupted operating system.
  • Or you don’t have proper protection for your computer.

Before going for a solution, I recommend you to take a backup of your QuickBooks data, this makes your financial data more safe and secure.

To back up your QuickBooks, follow the given instructions:

  • Close all the program and then open QuickBooks with single user mode for safety of Data.  
  • Go to the file menu and search for Back up company option and click on that. 
  • Select Create Local Backup and choose the path of your Backup. I personally recommend you to select desktop location the reason is that you can find QuickBooks data easily.
  • Click on the create data and select the path of your QuickBooks Data backup. 
  • Click the OK button and then click on all the positive options.

To Online backup of your QuickBooks, follow the given instructions:

All the steps are similar to take online backup but after taking offline backup you need to upload it in the cloud storage. Many companies provide cloud storage such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Box. You can select any company for the cloud storage they provide you 5GB free storage. That is sufficient for you. Or if you want more storage then you have to pay.

Solution of QuickBooks Error Code 187

Go to the bank website and reset your password through the login page. Once you created the new password back to QuickBooks and try to login with new credentials. Now I hope that QuickBooks Error Code 187 is resolved. But if you are facing any problem then let me know in the comment box. Or you can chat with us through Facebook or for from the website chat box.