I am using the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020. But from the last few days, I am frustrated with the QuickBooks Banking Error 155. I am not able to manage my accounts. Even I talked to the QuickBooks experts many times in a day in the past 1 week. Moreover, I consult it with my bank people too. But I am still stuck with the issue. But once I was able to resolve this issue, I thought to explain this to the other fellow being. Who might be wasting a lot of time in resolving this QuickBooks error?

Before we can proceed with the solution let me tell you;

Why you receive the QuickBooks Banking Error 155!

In short, this is nothing more than a connectivity problem with your Financial Institution (FI) and the QuickBooks server. This error has nothing to do with your laptop or your Internet. Thus, to resolve the QuickBooks Banking Error 155 you must need to contact the QuickBooks support or the Bank customer service.

What is the solution to the QuickBooks Banking Error 155?

It’s not so simple. If you need a quick solution that will be to chat with your technicians. Moreover, if you want to fix it manually. All you need to do is to call your bank and explain to them about this error. In short, you need to ask your bank representative to escalate this case through the QuickBooks OFX connectivity page. Because all you need to make it work is that your Financial Institution should allow the QuickBooks software to access your account. In order to download the

Can we use QuickBooks while facing the QuickBooks Error 155?

Yes! You can upload the last six months of your Bank transactions into QuickBooks Online. Moreover, you can use the QuickBooks Web Connect to upload the transactions into QuickBooks Online. By using QuickBooks Online, you can still use the QuickBooks software to manage your finance and save your time. This feature not only enables you to use QuickBooks while tackling the QuickBooks Banking Error 155. But you can use this method in case you encountered any QuickBooks Banking Error. It is a little time consuming as you need to upload the transactions manually.