Payroll Setup Error code format 00000 XXXXX

QuickBooks is the trending account software for businesses. In that, you can keep your eye on your payroll. But QuickBooks is a software because of which it sometimes encounters problems with error codes such as 00000XXXXX is one of the common error codes with payroll. Payroll Error code 00000 XXXXX is related to your payroll.

When you are trying to create an older version of QuickBooks. The main reason for this error is that perhaps you have used invalid syntax or duplicate items in your employment centre or timesheet.

The errors that appears on your screen are written below:

  • 00002 71328
  • 00002 20123
  • 00000 17002
  • 00000 38049
  • 00000 88579
  • 00000 38772
  • 00000 97340
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 40370

Additional errors:

  • 00000 99867
  • 00000 88703
  • 00000 34289

Solution 1:

You can find a pop up on your screen and there you will find a link with the name of the view report. 

You have to click on that link, then in the next window, you can see the mistakes in your payroll. Open the file ReportHeader.xml by double-clicking on the file name from the list in the window. In some scenarios, the file does not open. There you have to right-click and open the file and then click Run as Administrator. Now, you can solve the mistakes in your employment center payroll Error code 00000 XXXXX.

If still, your facing Error go for Solution 2

Solution 2:

  1. From the top menu bar, click Vendors > Vendor Center.
  2. Find the Vendor Alabama real estate research & education. It will be listed at least twice.
  3. Rename the duplicate with a unique name so that each vendor has a different name.

Explanation of Payroll errors: –

Error 00000 99867

The employee column contains a black state. You can change state to valid or none.

Error 00000 88703

Missing employee First or last name. To resolve this error, you need to fill the missing part.

Error 00000 34289

This error is related to percentage. Maybe you set up a percentage for an employee but the column is non-percentage type. To resolve this error, you need to change the percentage type to non-percentage type.

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