When you try to enter the wrong username and password again and again. Or it may be due to a problem with your bank account or your financial institution. The Quicken Error OL-301-A means zero transactions or it also occurs due to the server issues with the bank. As a result, these are the main cause of Quicken Error OL-301-A. Whenever you try to download the latest transaction from Quicken. For instance, Quicken may face problems connecting to your bank. Due to many reasons like incomplete authorization, connectivity errors, server down, internet problems.

Why are you facing the Quicken Error OL-301-A?

When you try to connect your account directly to your financial institution with the help of online tools. There you have to face a Quicken Error OL-301-A. First of all, you have to check through your bank’s website. Because every bank has its processes like account verification, transaction reports, and online banking verification. When you try to connect your account to online banking, make sure that you follow all the guidelines of your bank. If you are stuck anywhere you can contact the people of your bank for help.

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Causes of The Quicken Error OL-301-A!

The following are the main reasons due to which Quicken Error OL-301-A appears. If you have done anything recently, let me know in the comment box. Then I will provide you the solution for this.

  • Due to incomplete updates to the new version of Quicken Accounting Software.
  • Spyware, malware or Trojans can cause corrupted Quicken files. Chances are high that they corrupted your Windows or Mac operating system.
  • Your Quicken license key may have expired. Or maybe removed.
  • Perhaps Quicken is not able to connect to your bank server. Maybe the server is down.
  • Quicken Error OL-301-A is commonly occurring in Windows operating systems.

Let’s talk about solutions to all particular situations!!


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Incomplete updates to the new version of Quicken!

For updating an older version of Quicken into the latest Quicken 2020. Follow the steps written below to resolve the Quicken Error OL-301-A!

  • First of all, you need to uninstall the old version.
  • For that, press and hold the Windows key and letter “R”.
  • Now, in the run box, you need to type “appwiz.cpl”.
  • Uninstall Quicken from there.
  • Open any browser that you use like Chrome.
  • In the address bar, you need to type www.quicken.com.
  • Click on “log in”.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click on Download.
  • After, the installation you need to enter your username and password.

If you are still facing the problem with Quicken Error OL-301-A. let me know in the comment box. Moreover, you can chat with us on the chatbox.


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Delete Junk Files from your system!!

Now, you want to know where these files came into your system. Let me tell you, whenever you go to the internet and anything that you download from the website from that you get these patch files. But this only happens in windows operating system such as Windows 10, 8, 7. If you are mac user you don’t need to worry about that. But now the question is how to delete these junk files. Oh! for that you don’t need to worry, we will tell you that. You just need to follow our instructions, according to your operating system.

For Windows 10,

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft Operating system. To delete junk files you need to open the control panel. Just follow our instruction and you will be out from the Quicken Error OL-301-A.

To open the control panel, first look on your keyboard in the bottom left-hand corner you will see windows logo key. press and hold windows logo key with one finger along with letter “R”. And then in the run you need to type “control panel”. And there you need to find an internet option. from there you can delete network history.


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Get instant and free support for Quicken Error OL-301-A

The Quicken OL-301-A error occurs when you are entering an incorrect password or username. It can also be caused by a connecting problem. In a financial institution when using a direct connection. Quicken OL-301-A signed an invalid data transaction file. When you download the last transaction details. It can do many issues such as updating a financial institution or bank with a Direct Connect service. This is a common issue with Quick 2020.

Quicken error OL-301-A Infographic

Causes with which you are facing the Quicken Error OL-301-A.

  1. Improper setup of Quicken Software
  2. Random change in the Quicken Software
  3. Writing the account key is wrong
  4. Virus found in Quicken
  5. Corrupt in the file
  6. Quicken server problem
  7. Online bill payment


Step by Step follows these instructions.

To solve the Quicken Error Ol-301-A, you have followed the below step. But first, you need to contact your financial institute. If they made any change without following the step.

  1. Open the Quicken Software.
  2. Choose the tool menu.
  3. Select the Online Center option.
  4. Now click down the finance institution.
  5. Press CTRL+Shift key together from the keyboard and click control information.
  6. Choose the account which is connected with Quicken.
  7. Now click on the financial institute and click the refresh.
  8. Hit on ok and choose Update to fix Quicken Error OL-301-A.
  9. Restart your online session finally.


Steps to solve the Error OL-301-A in the windows.

  • Click on the window button.
  • Now to choose the File, Explorer.
  • Click on the C drive and then choose to open the properties.
  • Click to Disk Cleanup.
  • Make sure that you have to uncheck everything except a temporary file.
  • Now click on delete file and click on finished

We hope that this article is very helpful for you to resolve the issue. Now after following the step we all are hopeful that you will install. The software without facing the Quicken Error OL-301-A. If still, you are facing the issue still continues you need to contact the Quicken Team. Also, you can ask the technical team to help you. They will guide you in a proper way and assist you with the other issue which you are facing.

What is Quicken Error OL-301-A?

When you connect your financial service provider to online banking service. Then you will receive the Quicken Error OL-301-A. But Quicken offers some solutions for the error. But users should first see the solution on their banking website. Because each finance provider has a different method. Account validation and transaction report download process. This error occurs from null and invalid data of transfer from the bank or financial institution. Where the users are trying to download the finance report of previse Year. Follow all the rules given above to get out of this problem. If you still have not overcome this problem, then call Quicken customer care.

Overview of Quicken Error OL-301 A

The Quicken Error OL-301 A is basically related to your Bank. Let me tell you the behind story of this error. When Quicken Accounting Software tries to connect with the server of your financial institution. But fails rapidly and losses the connection. In that case, I suggest you contact your bank people. And ask them is their server is working fine because sometimes Quicken Error OL-301 A occurs when the server is in the maintenance. If everything is fine from your bank end then you can follow the given instructions.  You need to follow all the instructions very carefully.

Note: Before going to do any changes in your Quicken Accounting Software please take a proper Online Backup of your financial data. If you don’t know how to take the backup of Quicken data. Then you can read our blog for the same. It’s very important because in any condition you don’t want to lose financial data. So, you’d better take the backup of your data. 

Things needed to check-in your operating system.

You need to check the given thing before resolving the Quicken Error OL-301 A.

  • Which version of the operating system you are using. If you are using windows 10 operating. Then you can follow this solution.
  • Check for any pending updates. If your operating system is not up to date then there is a very high chance to get corrupted. For checking updates, go to the settings of your computer and there search for  “Check for update”. 
  • The last thing you need to check on your computer is your firewall is in the off state.
  • Now let’s go for the solution.

You need to update your Quicken older version to the new version of Quicken Accounting software.

  1. In Quicken, go to the tool menu, and there you need to select online action.
  2. Now click on the financial institute option. And then select your bank name.
  3. Press CTRL+Shift for the Contact Info.
  4. Select Financial Institution Branding and Profile from the list and click Refresh.
  5. Click OK and go online by clicking the Update/Send button.
  6. Attempt your online session again.