Quicken Online Backup offers 5GB storage on dropbox with an annual subscription. Click “File” and then “Backup and Restore”. Move the backup file to Dropbox. Backup is an important feature in Quicken. Moreover, It gives you a lot of features like restoring the previous file, moving Quicken data file to a new computer, and many more. So, as a Quicken customer, you must be able to use the Quicken Online Backup.

How do I backup Quicken Online?

There are two types of backup that Quicken provides. The first one is the Automatic backup. Second, the manual backup. As the word states, in the online backup, you can choose the duration of Quicken Online Backup. Whereas, in the manual backup, you need to create the backup manually in your system.

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How to backup Quicken file in Windows Computer?

To take the Quicken Online Backup follow the simple steps and create the backup at your desired location.

  1. Open Quicken on your Windows Computer.
  2. On the top-left, there is a File option. Click on “File”.
  3. Under File look for “Backup and Restore”. Click on that.
  4. Select “Backup Quicken File”.
  5. You will see a prompt of Quicken Backup.
  6. Check on “Add date to backup file name”.
  7. Change the Backup location to your desired location.
  8. Select the option “Back up Now”.

Quicken Online Backup is simple and quick. Most importantly it will save all your Quicken File from any future problems.

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Benefits of Quicken Online Backup!

Backing up your Quicken file is a very useful feature. Moreover, we would recommend backing up your Quicken file once a month. As we don’t know when you will need it. But it’s always better to have something than nothing. As when your Quicken application crashes the only thing that can save your time is the last backup file. So, doing it monthly will assure you that the most damage you will have is the past month’s transactions. Whereas the customers who don’t create any backup and encounter a problem with the Quicken application ends up losing all their data. At last, they start from the fresh. Trust me that is a lot of hectic as well as time-consuming.

Backing up to the desired location!

Make sure that you create the Quicken Online Backup at your desired location. In most cases, customers of Quicken do create the backup on their computer, but they don’t know where! So, they have a backup of their Quicken Data File, but they are not been able to restore it when they need it at the most. So, this is very important to save the backup where it would easy for you to remember when you need to restore the Quicken Backup.

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How to find Quicken Online Backup?

All the Quicken data files have the same extension i.e. (.QDF). Thus, if you are using a Windows computer and you have a Quicken Online Backup, but you don’t recognize it where! All you need to do is to type “.QDF” in the search box and it will show you all the files with that extension. Therefore, it is simple but make sure you backup these files in an external drive for safety. As you don’t know when your system will crash, and you will lose the Quicken application along with the backups. As a result, we recommend storing the Quicken Online Backup in an external drive or in online drives.

Quicken Cloud

Is there a cloud version of Quicken?

The answer is no. But you can save the Quicken data file in your dropbox, external drive or in your e-mail. Moreover, by using these Quicken Online Backup features you can access your Quicken Data File from any computer.

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How do I access my Quicken Cloud?

All you need to do is to open your Quicken file on the computer or on your mobile. After that look for your account list on the home screen. There is a synchronized circle below the account list. After that, All you need to do is to click on it and drag your screen on mobile. As a result, It will download all the transactions from your bank through the Quicken Online Backup.

Where are my Quicken Online Backup files?

By default, once you create the Quicken Online Backup all the Quicken data file is in Documents. Most importantly, all the backups of the Quicken Data File have .QDF-backup extension. As a result, this helps you to find it in your computer easily. So, by default to find the Quicken backup files go to documents. In short, there will be a folder with the name of Quicken. Further, double click and look for a backup folder. Else simply type .QDF-backup in the search box in windows. In addition, It is in the bottom left corner of your screen by default.

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To create the Quicken Online Backup you need to open the Quicken Application. On the top left, there is a File option. Click on it and in the dropdown list look for the option “Backup and Restore”. You will see a backup prompt. Choose your location by clicking on the file and make sure to create a unique file name. There is an option to add a date along with the file.

Quicken Backup Location

Benefits of Quicken Online Backup!

Quicken online backup is very important for everyone. Because we all know that money is the backbone of life. If you save your Quicken data in your hard drive, then you are at risk of losing your financial data. The best way to keep your data safe and secure is Online backup. There are many companies that provide cloud storage such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. You can use their cloud storage for Quicken Online Backup. And the benefits are:

  • Your financial data are always safe and secure.
  • If you change your computer then you can easily import your data in your new device.
  • You can sync your data with multiple devices such as Mobile, Tablet, and desktop.
  • It only takes 2 to 3 minutes to take online backup.

Now, the question is how to take Quicken Online backup?

It’s very simple, you just need to create an account with your cloud storage provider. After that, you have two options. First of all, they give you 5GB of free cloud storage and if you want more storage than you can check the plan as per your need. Personally, I recommend you to go for a free one because it will full fill all of your needs.



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